the potta system

Everyone from windowsill gardeners to the smallholder can benefit from the Potta System.

Experienced gardeners find that the Potta System saves them money, time and makes their plants easier to look after because there's no need to prick out and keep potting on. Vegetable or flower seeds are sown direct into the right sized tube, allowed to grow, then the weaker plants are removed, leaving the strongest to grow on with no root disturbance in it's own tube. And cuttings thrive because they are much less likely to dry out than in a plastic pot.

Small Holder uses Potta System to create there produce. Pak choi and salad leaves started in Potta tubes - pictures courtesy of our customer Mike who runs a smallholding in Wales.

You can use the Potta System to start your windowsill garden.

Great for the Novice gardener too.

Novice gardeners have a greater chance of success - mainly because it's hard to over or underwater tube grown plants - it's easy to see whether the newspaper is damp. And when the plants are up with two leaves, water can be applied between the tubes and drawn up by the newspaper, which lessens the chance of plants like basil damping off and dying by being saturated around the stem.